What does the weatherability of titanium dioxide affect?

The effect of titanium dioxide on weather resistance is as follows

1. The ability of titanium dioxide to absorb ultraviolet light The resin will degrade when it absorbs ultraviolet light. The correct choice of titanium dioxide can effectively resist ultraviolet light. 

2. The shape of titanium dioxide particles The flat particles have a strong orientation effect, which is parallel to the surface of the coating film, which reduces the water and gas permeability of the coating film and is beneficial to improve the weather resistance.

3. The smaller the particle size of titanium dioxide, the larger the surface area and the higher the ultraviolet absorption rate. 

4. Active groups of titanium dioxide There are many active groups on the surface of titanium dioxide (such as containing surface hydroxyl groups, adsorbed unstable anions and water molecules, etc.), which can chemically react with the base material, and may also be aging of the base material. Catalysts (such as TiO2 have photoredox effects). For example, there is a wide range of surface acid-base reactions in pigments and fillers, and surface valence ions (such as aluminum, iron ions and other transition metal ions) can also undergo electrotransfer reactions, which change the color of pigments in color pigments. Chalking, yellowing, etc. will occur in pigments and fillers. Antifouling Whether it is man-made or natural, the latex paint on the wall will be polluted by various pollutants, such as sweat, ink, dust, sludge, etc., and these pollutants are very easy to penetrate into the interior of the latex paint, even if Washing with water or detergent cannot be thoroughly cleaned, causing damage to the coating and affecting the appearance of the coating. The main function of latex paint is decoration. When the surface coating is polluted, the service life of the coating is greatly shortened. To get rid of these stains, the stains had to be sanded down and a second coat of paint was done. Sometimes the entire wall must be repainted in order to maintain color consistency throughout the wall. It takes a lot of time and wastes paint costs. How to improve the stain resistance of latex coatings is very important. This has also become one of the factors that consumers need to consider when purchasing latex paint.